Hello my friends!

I went diving last WE! That's a change, not! So I though I'd tell you all about it.

I was a 3 day WE. That means 6 dives! I like those long WE. I didn't even realize that it was Easter until after I went back to work. Oh well, happy Easter to you.

The caves are beginning to clear. The Devil's eye is open. The viz is very good. 70 feet I think. The flow is down. I went into the river intrusion tunnel, to its end (well, nearly) on my own with a buddy bottle. That's 1900 feet on back gas with the drag of that bloody spare tank. So the flow is low! The river intrusion tunnel
is fun to go to + it's a good work-out dive. The viz dropped to 20 feet in there and at the back it gets very silty and narrow. So I did not venture in the last few feet before the end of the line as I was alone.

On Saturday we did the the lips+cornflakes bypass. I gets nice and tight in there. It's fun. Then we continued to the end of the line in July Springs. That was an easy and fun dive. The next one was a stage dive along the main line. I wanted to see what was after the River Intrusion Tunnel. Unfortunately my buddy reached his thirds too soon. We only made it to 2100 feet.

Monday was a day in the Ichetucknee Park, diving Jug Hole (again) then helping the Park Ranger, and then back into Jug Hole. This time we reached the end of the line in Jug. It gets very shallow in the end (40 feet) and very silty too. There's no flow soon after the Diamond Restriction.

Now I'm back at work trying to recuperate from the WE. Have a good one.

Take care.