Hello my friends!

Here is the traditional email about my week-end. As usual I had a very good one! And a very eventful one.

It all started on Friday. I managed to leave work early: 2pm. I met up with the All About Scuba group, led by Bob Sherwood. They were all finished in Blue Grotto. So I went down on my own. I went up and down all over the place for 40 minutes. I think that I saw pretty much everything there is to see.

Then Bob Bartilloti, Bob Sherwood and I escaped from the group for a night cave dive. That was frightening: a NIGHT cave dive!!! I took a picture. We made it to the corn flakes on BobB 1/6th, but as he was falling asleep we had to turn the dive! Yes, it's true! Falling asleep in the middle of a cave dive! Well, it was night after all! Still, coming all the way down from NY state to cave dive and fall asleep in the middle of the dive!!! It beats me. Maybe he was too warm with his argon... A wet suit would have probably kept him awake.

On Saturday I did 2 dives in Devil's Den. I much preferred this place to Blue Grotto. The is a lot more to play with. It's 60 feet deep with a lot of swim-throughs in the deep zone + grids to prevent divers to go in the cave zone. At 20-30 feet depth lies the most interesting stuff. Lots of tunnels with a bit of silt and lots of warning signs with death skulls all over. The second dive was cool. I took Debbie down into pretty tight places... and she loved it! And she did say so many time 'it was soooo cool!'.

Sunday was cave day with Bob Sherwood. I just had to take him to the Sherwood Split. He had to know the place named after him. We dropped our stage just before Hill 400 and jumped in the back end of double lines. Just before the windows, we jumped right into Sherwood, went right at the 2st T, left at the second one and tried left and right at the third. It got very narrow down there. I need to check a map again. Maybe is it sidemount territory. We had a great dive: 93 minutes bottom time at 100 feet depth. That gave us a bit less than 30 minutes of deco. With Bob there is always a first thing. It was the first time I drank from a bottle underwater. Cool!

I hope you had a good one too.

Take care.