Hello my friends!

I had a good WE -- again. Soooo I thought I'd tell you all about it!

Friday pm was taken up by the driving up to Wakulla with a little 1 hour interruption on the way caused by mechanical problems on the van. Nothing too bad, but
I nearly missed those guys in Wakulla. We had Sushi in a *huge* Oriental restaurant. Some people at the table ate sooo much - no names.

Saturday was the first time I saw these guys in action on rebreather long dives. I carried a lot of equipment to and from the water and did a 3 hour shift support in
the water. It was fun to come out with 8-9 tanks on top of my doubles. A bit hard to swim though! The night was long. The last guys came out at 2:30am.

On sunday I joined Layson at Little River. We did one dive with Greg at 8:30am. The parking lot was dry. The water was down. The water was very clear. The flow was a bit on the high side. Greg did not like it too much but was brave enough to carry on 200 feet after the start of the main line. Some people did not even see the main line that day.

The second dive was just Layson and I. We went a lot further this time. We saw the beginning of the Florida room. It's been a long time since I dived Little River. I forgot how neat it was. It's like a big piece of cheese full of holes. I look forward to the day when Layson starts his workouts. We'll go a lot further then... The way out of the cave was nice and easy. It's cool to be pushed out. I feel like Superman!

As no one wanted to go for another dive, I drove back to St Pete, and got ready for a one week convention in Orlando. I'm there now, in a cool Hotel working some cool hours. Tomorrow I'll be in Disney World!

Next WE I'll do some more WKPP support on Sat, preceded by a dive in Ginnie I hope. Sunday will be Relay Triathlon day in St Petersburg.

I hope that your WE was great too.

Take care.