Hello my friends,

Another week-end in the caves! Plus a triathlon.

The WE started on Friday. I met up with Gil to dive Little River. This place was full of strange people walking around & apparently doing nothing. So Gil and I took
our credit cards down with us; fortunately no one broke into our vehicules.

Little River's flow was still quite high. We only made it to the Florida Room on back gas after 40 minutes of swimming. Viz was nice, at least 50 feet.

We then went to Peacock I with Anthony and his friend whose name I can't seem to remember. The water was green, the viz was good and the flow was higher than
usual. We went up the shallow end and crossed over to Olsen Sink. We went accross towards the Peanut Restriction when Anthony turned the dive. We continued
past the restriction with Gil jumping left instead of going towards Orange Grove. It was 2 hours bottom time before we made it to the exit. One cool dive!

Saturday was dedicated to WKPP stuff in Big Dismal. This is a major logistical challenge. I spent the whole day carrying equipment down to the water and hauling
it back up to the vehicules. We also had a good time playing in the water with Parker, Mercedes' support dog.

On Sunday, I did my first Relay Triathlon. I swam half a mile in choppy seas fighting some current and the nearby swimmers. I finished somewhere in the middle
and my friend Carlo took over. It was fun, but I prefer the swimming pool.

I don't have the results yet as I drove off to do a quick dive in Arch Sink with Layson. Viz was crap, so we aborted the dive. The water was *very* warm.

Now I'm tending my wounds, and recovering for next week-end...

I hope you had a good one too!

Take care.