Hello my friends!

Here is my traditional email about my week-end that I spent in the cave diving country, for a change -- not.

It was a 3 day week! Which means that I did 6 dives + WKPP support, which means that I am completely exhausted and that I will recover during the week as
usual, and get ready for next WE as usual too.

I escaped from work early afternoon on Friday and drove up to Wakulla to help with the end a big push dive by the WKPP. That finished at 4:00 am, so I slept in my van in situs, as we were to meet at Indians Spring at 8:00am -- only 2 miles away.

Indian is a huge++ cave! In some sections, you could fit a Boeing 747 easily. We swam downstream to the end of the line -- about 2000 feet from the entrance,
according to Keith, our guide. The max. depth was 140 feet. The viz was at least 60 feet. A memorable dive!

Then we drove down to Central Florida and did a quick dive at Ginnie. I had the pleasure to dive with Nanci and Heather. We went up the bats area and turned there. On the way back I just had to take them through the tight squeeze bypassing the cornflakes or what's left of them. One of my buddies loved it, one did not...

On Sunday I dived with Per and Michael, 2 friends from Sweden. We went up to Hill 400, into double lines through the windows and completed a straight circuit back to the bats' line. That was a stage dive, stage drop before Hill 400 and we had plenty of gas left.

Then we drove up to Peacock Park and dived Peacock I: Per, Michael and Panos -- from Greece. That was a mighty international team! That was an eventful dive! Primary reel jams. Primary light failure. Low viz due to high traffic. After some confusion at Pot Hole, we eventually found our way to Olsen sink and turned there.

Monday was Ginnie day. Per, Nanci and I went through the lips and cornflakes by-pass that comes out 2 curves before the snapping gap. Nanci was incredible. She was in first position and did not stir a thing. I had a perfect viz all the way. It took us a good 30 minutes to do that, then we went up to the Syphon Tunnel, leaving Double Lines on our right hand side. But we had to turn the dive before I could place the last jump.

Last dive but not the least was with my buddy Bob Sherwood, the great guy from NY who talks a lot, even underwater! And who hassles me about the dive count on my web page. Would you believe it if he told you that I sang while swimming back on this dive? Anyway, we went through the eye, lips, keyhole, cornflakes
as usual. Then headed to Hill 400 and jumped into Double Lines. Came out of that and chose to head for the windows instead of jumping left to do a bit of  Sherwood. We circuited the dive as usual and took a look at several things on the way like that jump to the bats that looks a bit tight. Great dive Bob! I had to be very careful not to make too many mistakes. He was watching me you know!

Hope your WE was cool.

Next one for me is France! I will go to Patrice's son baptism and see a few friends. Another long WE ahead!

Take care.