Hello my friends!

This WE I did only one dive, but it was a cool WE!

Saturday we all met at Big Dismal to help 2 teams of 3 + 3 support divers in. It was a cool day (90 deg. F) and not too much work compare to last time. We had
our customery fun swim when the divers were down. They replaced several thousands of feet of line and even added some. We were all finished and gone before 4:00pm. A record!

But the most important thing of the day for me is that Ken brought my brand new Gavin Scooter! My baby. It's a nice short body one. I got to try it on Sunday at Ginnie. Ted Cole took Ron and I for a sccoter class and taught us quite a bit. It was nice to go through the ear without pulling or kicking. Scootering through the lips was a bit of a challenge for me but thanks to Ron I made it through without having to pull or kick. The rest was a piece of cake compare to having to swim. It's really fun to zoom through the cave! We did not go very far though. Ron has too much O2 demanding muscle. My exit in the ear could have been more ellegant, but next time will be better.

Cathie taught me a lot about the scooter. Thanks Cathie. I feel very guilty for going to Ginnie instead of Cow with you. I owe you one there!

Now I have to find a charger for my baby, paint my name on it, add a few onces of lead in the right place and do a few other things that I will document for the benefit of other people who like me will be wondering about these things when they get their 1st scooter.

A busy week ahead!

Take care.