Hello my friends,

I thought I'd let you know some more about Ginnie and my last WE there. The viz is getting much better: 70+, despite the crouds. Of course, the flow is picking up, but that builds character. Actually, there was one place in July Springs (Syphon) when I was swiming back out where I was playing against the flow. There is one little room there where the flow really picks up. So I decided to fin hard and not grab anything. So I did for 2 minutes, looking for at least a few inches of progress... weaving myself (and my buddy bottle) through. The flow won, I dropped to the floor and dragged myself out of this bottleneck. That was fun though.

This week-end was all Ginnie: double lines circuit and July Springs on Sat. July Springs and some nasty tunnel on Sunday. The July Springs area is very neat. I tried all the tunnels over there. One in particular is beautiful: the closest one to Hill 400.

I had the oportunity to tease Tom Mount a little. He had his MK5 rebreather in his van. So I asked him questions like 'what do you think about the electronic vs. mechanical debate on the net?'. He's a nice guy. He was very patient and diplomatic and politically correct. But boy does look old. Nearly as old as Cousteau before he died! Too many dives I guess.

So when are we doing this ice dive? I read so much about it on the net! I can't wait to listen to the teachings of the master Bob!

Take care.