Hello my friends!

This one is going to be short. I did not do ANY dive last WE. A record! I don't think that this ever happened in 1998 when I was not in France on vacation.

Nanci and I drove to Miami on Friday afternoon. We made it at 9:30 pm. We met with my roommate David and his brother. This was my 'move out of Miami' WE. David was so nice. He had already packed most of my stuff so Nanci and I hardly had anything to do.

On Saturday morning we spent a bit of time on the beach. It was fun stealing her swimming suit.... Then we went back to the apartment and put all the boxes in Nanci's truck. I'm still testing my van. I want to make sure that its new engine + transmission work fine before I take it on the highway for long distances. BTW, I put a cruise control thingy in there... Luxury!

We then proceeded to Georges' house to get a long body for my Gavin scooter. We met Bill and George filling tanks at Brownies. We also took 2 motors for JJ and drove up to St Petersburg and made it there around 9:30 pm.

After a good night of sleep we drove up to Gainesville. Instead of diving and rushing we went shopping for a bed and sofa. There's lots of house stuff to do.

I also spent some time testing 3 scooter with my new slickest battery burn tester.

As usual I woke up at 5 am on Monday morning and drove down to work in St Pete.

It was a nice relaxed week-end. And I could definitively tell the difference on Monday at work, especially in the afternoon. I was still full of energy. The daily lunch swim helps a lot though.

I hope that your WE was excellent!