Hello my friends,

I thought I'd let you know about my WE.

First dive was single tank dive! Yes! I checked my log book. The last time I dived with a single tank was 181 dives ago in Oban, Scotland on 7/15/1995. On
top of that I was wearing a wet suit that I had just bought for the occasion. Man! wet suits are cold!!! Anyway, I went with Ken Sallot in the Jug Hole. It's a nice little cave 5 1/2 miles north of Fort White. Doubles don't make sense there because there's a 1/4 mile walk to the water, the end of the line is only 400 feet from the entrance of the cave and there are 2 restrictions that can't be passed with back mounted doubles. Event with a songle 80 it's tough! It's a nice dive! Only 80 feet deep. Big rooms between restrictions.

At Ginnie I visited the ice room (1st jump left after double lines). Very neat place 1800 feet away from the entrance -- 2 jumps. Low ceiling, good skills are required. There's a little sign there for some guy who lived from 1965 to 1995. He died of a shallow water blackout on a snorkel dive when he was hammered with alcohol of some sort.

I also swam up to the river intrusion tunnel area. Viz down there is a low 20 feet and the water temp felt cold. I guess there must be some river intruding around there :-)

On a another dive I went back to the dome room again. That's a jump left from the main line at 1630 feet where the line is tied to a little rock on the floor. I like this big room. On the way back I jumped into the big room and the bone room, exploring the passages parallel to the line. There's quite a few places to play there.

Viz in the cave was down -- maybe 40 feet. Flow was low. At least it was not raining during the WE -- but boy does it get cold during the night!

Take care.