Hello my friends,

Another WE at Ginnie. The water level was way up. Higher than before Christmas. When is this going to stop? Viz was 50 feet plus, green. Flow was very low for

This WE was the problem solving WE for me. I aborted the first dive at the snapping gap (a stage dive to the snapping gap!!!!) because of a very eerie feeling that would not go away. It was the stage I think. I had stripped the paint during the week. Some of those chemicals must have made it through the protection that I put
around the valve. So we cleaned the whole valve and next dive was fine.

Actually not so fine. As the P-valve had been leaking during the last dive we took it apart and Rick lent me his old dry suit in the meantime. Well the damn suit leaked so badly that I ended up completely flooded on a 75 minutes bottom time (100 feet depth) dive to Sherwood split. I  shook very badly through 20 minutes of deco. I was going to go up after 10 minutes when JJ and his students came down the eye. The entertainment kept me going for another 10 minutes. Thanks JJ. He noticed the problem straight away. I was surprised to see him in his full blown WKPP dry suit -- with patch & all.

Next dive was a wet suit dive. That was cool, warm and fast. We went into the syphon tunnel and explored some new passage in double lines. Syphon tunnel is cool and large. Unless you try the parallel jump (150 feet) -- this gets very narrow -- nearly impossible not to touch anything.

Last dive was a stage dive into double lines. We explored those multiple little bits of tunnel on left hand side. Passed the bone on the first T. Poked here and there. There's so much to see over there! Just finding the way to Sherwood split should be quite a challenge. Next time...

On the way back we saw plenty of stages belonging to JJ. He lent them to his students.

I'm tired. Going to bed now. Tough week ahead.

Take care.