Hello my friends,

Yes, another week-end despite the rain. Where was that rain anyway? I got hammered by the sun instead.

Friday I met up with Bob at Jackson Blue. Night dive -- cool. There was quite a bit of flow and most people were using scooters. Viz was VERY nice. At
least 60 feet, Blue water for a change. I met Bob when he was on deco. So I went in there with my buddy bottle. I got to the first T after intense efforts. There's not
much where to hide and the flow kicks. A few places on the floor to grab. Around the first T the cave is really beautiful! There are cones + domes everywhere. The
room is very wide. I followed the line on the left hand side were the flow drops a bit. But the floor is no longer sand - but silt. No place to hide, nowhere to grab.
This is scooter land! Anyway, after a while & 2 minor restrictions I got to the second T and followed left back down. I then got to a high room where there is a jump on the right and the line gets up somewhere. I turned, 40 minutes into the dive. The way back was of course very fast. I could have made it in 10 minutes if I had
not been messing around. It felt like being Superman or having a scooter. Great cave. Max depth 100 feet. After a bit of deco I met up with Bob who was sleeping
in his truck.

Saturday we met up at Indians with the WKPP team. After a few hours in the sunshine listening to Georges, JJ, medical guys, etc. we went to Wakulla Springs to
pull Hydrilla out.

This was a great week-end: I know the location of 3 more cave systems, met plenty of guys from the project, learnt a lot on Saturday and got sun tanned at the
same time and even got a very nice WKPP Pull-Over with my name on it!

Now I have to run to get ready to catch a plane to NY. Just a one day thing.

Otherwise I would have definitively dived on Sunday.

I hope you had a good one too.

Take care.