Hello my friends,

No cave diving these last 2 WEs. So I tried the South of Florida. After some equipment configuration for a single 80 (12L) the previous WE, I did some diving off the Keys this WE.

It was cool. Water temp was 70-71 deg. F. Viz was 50-60 feet. The sea was choppy though. The swell reached a good 5 feet. It was fun to climb up the ladder after the second dive on Sunday.

I did a night dive on Sat. in 30 feet of water on the Molasse Reef. I tagged along a class. There's so much marine llife. It's amazing. It's a pity I had toI had to come up with the others after only 35 minutes.

On Sunday I met with Chris Dandy. We had 2 relax dives. The first one on the Molasse reef, the second one on Sandy Island. Chris was taking pictures. I was just drifting along.

It was nice, but I'd rather go cave diving, at least I don't get sea sick and I don't have to wash all the equipment.

I hope that you had a good one too.

Take care.