Hello my friends,

I thought I would reverse the usual title this time...

Anyway, I did go diving last WE. Only I did not get to write it up because I'm in the middle of my bloody income tax filling. I have to file 3 state taxes: Virginia, New Jersey and New York. For those of you who live in Europe, it's as if I had 3 countries to deal with. They all have their own separate system. And of course there is like a 4th country sitting on top of the others: the Federal thingy. Who said that American people liked it simple????? The good thing is that I'm getting money back. That's different from Europe. $395.94 so far (Federal, VA, NJ). That's 3 more stage bottles. Tomorrow morning I'll do NY.

Anyway, I meant to write about my diving.

I dived on Sat and Sun.

We went up to Jug Hole with Layson on Saturday. Man was it full of water. Compared to last time I went there, the water had gone up 7 feet. There was some wading involved to get there. Viz was very nice, at least 60 feet. We played with all kinds of equipment configurations. This dive can be completed easily on a single 80. There's only something like 600 feet of cave. The only thing is that it's narrow++. I'll be back next WE on Sun. Yes, it will be open.

Sunday was a Manatee day. Could not dive from Friedman because they would not let us. The water was too high.... So we went into Catfish. The bathhouse was flooded. The cave was dark: 10-15 feet of viz.The flow was kicking -- not too much. The worst thing about the low viz is that I could not see enough to go and hide from the flow. We turned a bit before Friedman. It was a good exercise dive.

Have a good one,

Take care.