List of Dive Buddies

11/29/98: Thanksgiving at Tiffany's mum's, WKPP dives with George Irvine, Julius Tomsits and Nanci.
11/22/98: WKPP work, Peacock III and Ginnie with Rick Atlins, Bob Sherwood, Nanci and Erik.
10/25/98: Florida Keys and Madison Blue with Nanci, Tiffany, Super Air Consumption John and Erik.
10/18/98: Main Land, Bonnet Springs, Cow Springs with Erik, Ken Sallot and Bill Lais.
10/04/98: Ginnie, Forty Fathom, Die Polder with JJ (Trimix Class) Nanci, Ted Cole
09/15/98: Wakulla, Sally Ward, Peacock and Football with Anthony, Erik, Nanci, Tiffany.
09/06/98: Little River, Cow Springs with Anthony, Erik, Nanci, Skip, Tiffany.
08/30/98: Ginnie, Sally with the WKPP, Little River, Telford with Nanci.
08/23/98: No diving! Trip to Miami and Furniture shopping with Nanci.
08/16/98: WKPP support, Madison and Ginnie with Erik, Nanci and Tiffany.
08/09/98: Insulation Room Circuit, Ginnie with Nanci LeVake.
08/02/98: Ginnie and Peacock's Traverse with Erik, Nanci and Tiffany.
07/19/98: Ginnie, Madison Blue and first time Trimix blending with Nanci LeVake.
07/12/98: 100 Cave Dives! Ginnie with Nanci LeVake.
07/05/98: 5 days -- Ginnie, Cow, Peacock, Madison, Wakulla with Nanci LeVake.
06/28/98: Wakulla, Indian, Ginnie, Cow with Nanci LeVake.
06/21/98: Ginnie+ WKPP Big Dismal + Manatee with Nanci LeVake.
06/14/98: WKPP Big Dismal + Indian with Ted Cole and Ron De Amorin.
06/07/98: WKPP Big Dismal + Ginnie with Ted Cole and Ron De Amorin.
05/24/98: Wakulla, Indian, Ginnie, Peacock with Nanci, Per, Michael, Panos.
05/17/98: Little River w/Gil. WKPP BigD. Triathlon.
05/10/98: Wakulla + Little River with Layson and Greg.
05/03/98: Ginnie + Tourist Caverns with The 2 NY Bobs.
04/26/98: Hinkel swim at Ginnie & Cow with Chris Johnson.
04/19/98: Wakulla and Big Dismal with the WKPP.
04/12/98: Ginnie with Ron de Amorin & Jug Hole with Layson Parks.
04/05/98: Jug Hole with Layson Parks.
03/29/98: Jug Hole and Manatee with Layson Parks.
03/15/98: Key Largo with Chris Danby.
03/01/98: Jackson Blue with Bob, then WKPP work.
02/18/98: Ginnie Double Lines & Tech Nitrox Class with JJ.
02/08/98: Ginnie: Sherwood split with Rick Atkins.
01/25/98: Jug Hole with Ken Sallot. Ginnie: Double Domes.
01/18/98: Ginnie: July, Syphon Tunnel.
01/11/98: Ginnie & Manatee with Rick Atkins.