Diving Resume - Hervé Deschamps



I thought I would write a diving resume in the hope that one day I can become a commercial diver. Just kidding! The intention of this resume is purely to provide an overview of my diving experience so far. I have no wish to start any profession related to diving.

I think I am a really tough guy because I can go very deep in caves. NOT! I am not tough, I know a whole bunch of people who are far more competent divers than I am and there are many more things about diving that I do not know than things I know.

Diving Experience Summary

I know that a lot of my friends stopped logging dives after one or two hundred of them. I am so glad that I kept logging every single one of my dives. Several times in the past I needed to look up some of my old logs for piece of information that I needed for the next dive, like the average and max depth of a specific cave system. Also I had a great time going through my logs to put together the counts below. There were things in there that I had completely forgotten about, like how I felt on my first dive to 120 feet in the murky cold waters of that local quarry in England.

The numbers below are not very impressive compared to my WKPP and GUE friends', but they reflect my true diving experience which is what my purpose is in putting this document together is.

As of April 05, 2000:
Cave Dives
Open Water Dives
Dives using staged decompression techniques
Dives using Diver Propulsion Vehicule (DPV)
101 Wreck Dives
Sea Dives
Trimix Dives
Dives below 200 feet

Longest Deepest Dive:  4500 feet penetration in Wakulla Springs at 290 feet of depth, 48 minutes of bottom time.




Diving Qualifications

Sports Diver 25-Jan-1995 BSAC John Cooper.
Advanced Nitrox Diver 04-Jun-1996 IANTD Lance Jones.
Full Cave Diver 01-Aug-1997 NACD Jarrod Jablonski.
WKPP Diver June-1998 WKPP Jarrod Jablonski.



Last Revised: April 05, 2000.