My Marathon Training

My training plan takes a little while for the browser to display. It's a large table with lots of numbers. It will look like your browser is not doing anything for 30 seconds after the download before it displays it.

This plan is only intended for me, not to be used as a model. There are many odd things in this schedule that are specific to me. For example, I cannot do hard work-outs during the week-end because I will be doing a lot of diving. Also, my long run in on Tuesday. This is unusual but necessary for me.                  
This is just a plan. If necessary I will shuffle it around, depending on what's happening in my life. To that regard I have added three contingency weeks to the plan. They are marked in yellow. These are additional weeks that I can use anyway I want. I can use them for additional rest, recovery or to redo a week that I could not complete.                   
There is more than running in the plan. I believe in cross training: one bike session and one swim workout per week. I also do weights: lower body, upper body and middle section.                  

After the marathon I will be doing some active recovery, take it easy, enjoy my success (I hope), review the lessons I learnt and make plans for the future.                  


Last Revised: May 10, 2000.