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By Nanci LeVake

Dilly Bird is home from his vet trip and is testing out his newly cleaned home. I took the bottom edge off his little house so it will be easier for him to go into.  I don't think he was using it much.  The vet told me he didn't really need grit, (the little rocks he eats) and it was actually more of a risk than a benefit to him.  So I threw it out.  The vet said his gizzard is a very muscular organ, tough enough to grind up grain all by itself without needing grit.  He said that's kind of an old wives' tale.

Dill got another dose of oral wormer, no shot.  :-)  He weighed less than last time, and I was worried, but the vet said that's a good thing, that the worms would cause him to have fluid in his intestines, which would cause him to weigh more.  He said he's in good weight now, NOT FAT, and his feathers were in good condition and his foot/leg was nice and strong.  He just needs a recheck on the worms in two weeks.

And that's all the news about our feathered baby!  (I _did_ give him some poor baby kisses on behalf of Hervé, since even though he didn't get a shot, he still got the syringe of wormer stuffed down his gullet......


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