Did You Know? -- October 2001

By Hervé Deschamps, Oracle Corporation.

I am back! I took 2 months off work in order to move from the US back to France where all my family lives. I now work for Oracle, Geneva and live very close on the French side. So this is my excuse for skipping 4 months of ‘Did You Knows’…

Designer 6.0: Forms Generators

In order to get multi-record blocks on tabs here is all that you need to do:

But of course you cannot get a spreadtable on tabs yet.

Designer 6.0: Library Generators

Developer locks libraries. When you generate it again from Designer, it seems to do the job, i.e. says that it successfully generated the library, yet it did not do anything. Solution: close Forms. Same thing when you are running a form that has the library attached.

Designer 6.i: Forms Generator

If you need to have library names all in lowercase you can get Designer to enforce the rule for the attachments created by the tool, like ofgnavl or the module specific libraries that developers use. Setting preference Generator Runtime-LWCFLN to LOWER will de the job.

You can get LOVs to behave differently in query mode with a where clause like this:

where (
(:system.mode = ‘ENTER-QUERY’)
and (cus_id in (10,20,30))
or (not :system.mode = ‘ENTER QUERY’)

Oracle Apps Tech

To get the ID of a user in apps:
select user_id
from fnd_user
where user.name=’<user name>’

From the apps User Interface, to get the value of an app environment variable like $AU_TOP or $ORACLE_HOME, go to Help->Diagnostics->Examine, choose $ENVIRONMENT$ for a Block, pick a variable from the LOV of Field and you will get the value in the field 'Value'. You can use the same method to view
profiles variable values like ORG_ID or LOGIN_RESP_ID: just choose $PROFILES$ for a block.

Reports 6.i.

To produce XML from Reports, select the report in the Object Navigator and choose File->Generate to File XML.

You can also do it from the command line: execute your report with the arguments DESFORMAT=XML, DESTYPE=FILE, and DESNAME=[name].XML.

Hervé Deschamps is a Technical Manager with Oracle Corporation. Over the years he has developed a number of applications using Oracle Development Tools and others.  He has an extensive experience of all phases of the development life cycle. He is also known in the technical community for his article publications centered around best custom development practices and for his user group presentations. You can reach him by e-mail at herve.deschamps@.oracle.com. He also maintains a web site full of articles, scripts, tips and techniques at http://www.iherve.com.