The Incredible Workbench!

Since I moved back to France I could not possibly be happy without having a proper workbench with most of my useful tools all at hand and organized.
Imagine that since August 2001 (six months ago from the day I am writing this), every time I needed to do some DIY I had to work on the floor, dig the tools I required out of one of my two tool boxes (which took a while), drag the heavy vice where I could operate it, do my thing and clean the whole mess up! How can a normal guy possibly be happy under these conditions???
So it took me a while, but I finally built that workbench and put my great big black vice on it, so now I can live again. And because this is such an important event in my life I decided to document this major happening. Do you think I am a hopeless case? :-)>/b>
I forgot that drilling holes in wood in a small room would pollute the lenses of the camera so the pics are not too good, sorry. This time, because I used a bubble ruler and a right-angle tool I ended up with a table that stood perfectly stable on its four feet. This is the first time I get this right first time so I am very happy with myself! I can see the professionals laughing at this little confession...
What amazed me is that it took me as much time to get my tools out of my 2 tool boxes and organize them all on the wall as to actually build the workbench, that is about 3 hours.


Last Revised: Mar 19, 2002.