Spéléo SCCM with the Kids, Doubs

30/12/2002: A different kind of dry caving trip... Everybody had a lot of fun.

This is a 10 day trip organized by the Spéléo Club of Chilly-Mazarin, a town located about 10 miles from Paris, hence the need to escape ;-)

The whole group.
This is the day for people who don't dry cave often. Children day too.

Didier is very good at customizing harnesses.

Benjamin is ready to go!
The youngest kid: Valentin.
Delphine loves children!

This is daddy. Sometimes it can be harder to be an adult.

Delphine loves children!

Restrictions are much easier for kids...
This was a funny one. We had to move 3 or 4 rocks to clear the way. Very small 3 meter long passage to get to a narrow 10 meter shaft.
But well worth it....
These formations are called "Fleurs de Gypse". Extremely rare stuff.

Véronique gives us a demonstration of how to sqeeze through a narrow passage, feet first.
The goes as far as possible on her back ...
... then performs a half turn to better...
... reach the ground with her feet.

There was a passage in a high crack. We used a horizontal "main courante". This is Pierre-Marie getting to the end of it.
Then Robin.
Then Eric.
Then Agnès.

Then Guillaume.


Last Revised: Dec, 2002.