About Hervé: General Stuff

Personal Interests

The main one is Scuba Diving! I have done 450+ dives including 150 sea dives and 250 cave dives. I certified in the UK. I used to do a fair amount of wreck diving. I started cave diving in 1997, with the great JJ. I now dive with the Woodville Karst Plain Project.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who wants to dive a bit on the technical side. I must confess that I am more interested in doing than talking.

I also do a lot of fitness stuff. I train for triathlons and some running races like 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, 20Ks, 1/2 Marathons and Marathons. I did my first marathon in Washington DC, October 22nd 2000: the Marine Corps Marathon. All together this makes me workout about 10 hours per week which is very good for my health and for those long decompression dives that I do from times to times.

As a French guy, I am also interested in anything to do with history, literature, sciences, and cuisine.

You're welcome to take a look at my new electronic photo album.

My Job

Technical Manager, Oracle Corporation.              My Resume      A Recent Picture

My Usual Responsibilities

Architect, Business Analyst, Data Modeler, Application Designer and Programmer.

Drop me a note! herve@iherve.com.

Last Revised: March 23, 2000.