Ski with Sly at Les Rousses, Jura

08/03/2004: A little skiing afternoon just 30 min from my home (Divonne les Bains).

My friend Sylvestre came from Toulouse for a long week-end. We went skiing only on Monday and were virtually alone on the slopes. It was perfect!

He says it's harder with a snowboard...
Sly is a pro! He makes me look like a beginner. So I take the pictures ;-) He's just trying to look tough!

Look for the skier... nice jump!

Hervé is scared?

We had a nice little vin chaud...hmmmm!

Virtually alone on the slopes: a Monday, outside school vacation...
... is having a leak!

We spent the second half of our time trying new ways down...
... especially through the woods. And of course, Hervé just _had_ to make a fool of himself!  

We were the last ones back down at closing time.
Lots of fun at la Dole! :-)



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