By Hervé Deschamps.


I travel a lot. And when I travel, I read a lot (sadly mostly Oracle stuff) or I experiment with my laptop. I make many discoveries as I do this. It's amazing how learning never seems to end. There is constantly something new out there. When I discover something new I like to share it. If it's a *huge* discovery and if I have *lots* of spare time I'll write an article. When one of the previous conditions returns 'false' (programmer mindset :-)) I jot it down in the "Did you Know?" series.

Of course, some of my discoveries may very well have been discovered way before by others. But this does not stop me from wanting to share though. And maybe I haven't discovered the full thing yet when I jot down something here. So if you know more, please please please tell me.

Table of Contents

Did you Know? August 2004 Oracle Applications Server 10g: Install tips, Oracle Portal 10g, Database admin, HTTP POST and GET.
Did you Know? May 2003 Toad, Forms, Apps Forms, General DOS, Network DOS, Windows DLL stuff.
Did you Know? December 2002 Database Admin, Reports Server, ODBC, Oracle Apps views from SQL*Plus, Performance Collection Services, Importing Java in Forms, Resource Management on an Oracle Database.
Did you Know? October 2002 Apps: compiling libraries, debugging export, check env vars. Unix prompt. Forms: format mask, ora_nls. 9iAS services for Forms and Reports.
Did you Know? August 2002 Apps: yellow bar, logs. Reports: anchoring, shortcuts, symbols ref. NT stuff. HP printers as web servers.
Did you Know? July 2002 SQL*Plus, Reports: anchors, PCL5, Postscript UNIX vs. NT.
Did you Know? June 2002 Forms 6i, Apps HR, SQL, Apps Zoom in Custom.pll.
Did you Know? April 2002 Forms 9i New Features (My Favorite Ones), Forms9i Obsolescence Features, Designer 6i, UNIX.
Did you Know? March 2002 Designer 6i, SQL, Oracle Installer Pentium 4.
Did you Know? February 2002 Designer 6i, SQL*Plus, DBA, UNIX, 9iAS Install.
Did you Know? January 2002 Tech Apps 11i, Java, RDBMS.
Did you Know? December 2001 Tech Apps 11i, Oracle 9i new cool stuff (developer focus).
Did you Know? November 2001 XML, Oracle Packages, Apps 11i Concurrent Manager, Java IO permissions on 8.1.7., Checking a Java Installation, PL/SQL Tables, APPS.
Did you Know? October 2001 Designer 6.0 et 6i: Forms Gen and Lib Gen, Forms 6i, Oracle Apps Tech, Reports 6i.
Did you Know? May 2001 100% Portal: security, name anchors, show text item.
Did you Know? April 2001 HTML and HTP tricks, DBMS LOB, DBA old trick, Portal: LOVs, page info, data dictionnary.
Did you Know? March 2001 Web Crawler, Spanish Lesson, Portal 3.0.: Resources, Tricks, Tips, Data Dictionary.
Did you Know? February 2001 Portal 3.0.: Resources, Tricks, Tips, Data Dictionary. HTML <PRE>. SMIL. Web Design Rules.
Did you Know? January 2001 Portal 3.0.: Direct Access URLs, Third-generation mobile devices capable of wireless video, Null trap in SQL and PL/SQL, Portal 3.0. Custom attributes.
Did you Know? December 2000 Intermedia - BLOB, Portal 3.0. The secrets to a good layout, Portal 3.0. Misleading documentation: wwdoc_api.get_document_blob_content, Portal 3.0. Navigation Manager, Wireless  + GPS all in One, 3rd Generation Wireless Network coming to the US, PL/SQL -- Christmas Time!, UTL_HTTP crashes 8.1.6.
Did you Know? November 2000 Wireless, CLOB, DBMS_JOB, Autonomous Transactions, SQL*Plus.
Did you Know? October 2000 Oracle9i, Stock alerts on cell phone, email with 8i, new downloads, Designer CM.
Did you Know? September 2000 Oracle9i, Oracle8i admin, Wireless, WAP, WML, Java, Books.
Did you Know? August 2000 Palm Emulator, MS-DOS on NT, Apache, Security, Wireless, Apache, Cherokee, Designer, Portal 3.0, Updatable Views.
Did you Know? July 2000 Java, Cherokee, Designer, Portal 3.0, Updatable Views.
Did you Know? May 2000 Java, Portal-to-Go, PL/SQL, Designer.
Did you Know? March 2000 HTML, LiveHTML, Tracing route, Oracle 8i, SSL, PL/SQL.

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Last Revised: Sep 03, 2004.