Photo Album: General Stuff

Ski alpin, la Faucille.
Ski de fond à la Vattay.
Les Doudous font de la luge.
Martinique avec ma Doudou.
Video: Italy, Ferrari.
Ski with Sly at Les Rousses, Jura.
Patricia, ma chérie.
New Year 2003 at Mouthes.
Spéléo SCCM with the Kids, Doubs.
Camp Spéléo SCCM New Year 2003, Doubs.
Dry Caving trip in the Doubs: Gouffre de la Legarde 2002.
Dry Caving trip in the Alps: Moilda.
Mum's pet: Tess
My latest building project: Workbench
French Skiing with Jean-Yves
Peugeot 406: My New Car
Multimedia: Cave Diving at Indian Springs.
Multimedia: Monarch Ski with Christine, Martin and Clint.
Video: Sly est Vert!
Video: Dilly Bird
Chris and Leslie's Wedding
New house in Tallahassee: outside views
New house in Tallahassee: inside views
New Garage in Tallahassee
My new Triathlon wetsuit
My favorite bird: Dilly Bird
Didier Spéléo
Bermuda Trip
Hervé is 30!.
Hervé playing with Super Karate Pigeon.
Nanci, not in her best mood.
Hervé with a beard: the rugged man.
Nanci, my big tuna.
Flying with Gil.
 Confidential, Embarrassing Family Pictures
Jul. 1997- Dec 1997
My new van
Nov. 1996-Jul 1997
USA Tourism Photos
France Photos

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